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What to expect during a session?

Sessions are customized to your specific concerns and circumstances. I do not approach clients with a "cookie-cutter" mentality, but here is some general information to help you prepare for initial sessions with me.


The first session...The first session is very critical! It is a chance for me to get to know a whole lot about you and for you to get a chance to learn a little bit about me. I will have you fill out paperwork about yourself via an online portal system which we will go over during the session. I will answer any questions you have about my background and how I provide therapy. It is normal to feel apprehensive, nervous, and even anxious during the first session, but hopefully, over the course of this session, you will start to feel more comfortable. This first session typically lasts 55 minutes.






Following sessions...We will work together to develop goals you want to work on during therapy. Our focus during subsequent sessions will be making progress on these goals. Also, you can expect to...


  • Have my undivided attention during our sessions

  • Have sessions last 53 minutes

  • Occasionally have homework to work on between sessions

  • Have an open and nonjudgmental atmosphere

Carrie Dorson, PsyD, LP

9531 West 78th Street

Cabriole Office Center, Suite 340

Eden Prairie, MN 55344



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